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Kyari Kopal – A New Leaf! Happy New Year!

New Year festivities just ended. Winter vacations gave us a little bit of time away from gadgets and to be with our families to paint a vivid story on the canvas of 2021. The culturally rich, mountainous plains of Kyari village, Corbett Landscape offer exactly the kind of paints that will make your vacations a little more colourful.

The best way to reach to this promising place? Just follow the painted white rocks of Alaya Resort, Kyari, Corbett Landscape. Surrounded by mysterious forest and open grasslands, this picturesque resort offers the peace and quiet you would want to begin your year with.

The harvest season offers the chance to gobble up on local Kumaoni snacks as well as Sankranti delicacies.

Additionally, our inhouse Naturalist & native of Village Kyari, Mr Vinod Bhudani have curated some wild flora and fauna centric activities that are sure to keep you and everyone away from the gadgets. From historic canal walks to an informational themed session on Corbett and everything about it, we will be thrilled to share it all.

So, plan a weekend getaway to Alaya Resort, Kyari, Corbett Landscape today and win a chance to reconnect with everything you love on your first trip of the year!

For More Information visit our website – Kyari-Kopal

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