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Alaya Resort – Curate an experiential story

Alaya Resort, Kyari, Jim Corbett National Park Landscape, is becoming synonymous with experiential travel in 2021. With the Alaya team getting trained under our in-house naturalist, our services are becoming stronger in alliance to the multitude of in-house and specially curated activities to provide an authentic Corbett experience. The onset of Spring brings in a new segment of packages that make your much awaited Corbett trip memorable and unique. Let’s have a sneak peak in such activities to understand all that we can avail through the new experiential packages, only at Alaya Resort.

1. Jungle Safari

With the flourished wildlife, Spring brings in great news to us wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. More and more rendezvous with the mighty cat, The Great Tigers of Kumaon, is happening in our Jungle Safaris. A healthier ecosystem, bestowed upon us with new eco-tourisms zones like Garjiya, promises an experience of a lifetime.

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2. Himalayan Safari

Starting from the rugged landscape of Corbett, a Himalayan Safari from Alaya Resort will provide you with an in-depth interaction with the flora, fauna and culture of Jim Corbett National Park and a mesmerising view of the Himalayas. Touch a peak, with tasty Maggi and chai, on this scenic drive. Moving through dense jungle amidst vivid flora and fauna, we guarantee an adventurous drive to a 360 view of Corbett from the Himalayan top.

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3. Corbett Interpretation Centre

Take an immersive stroll to the history of Corbett. The history which drives you from the stories of Carpit Sahab to AI integrated newly built Corbett Interpretation Centre. Enjoy short 3-D movies or tip toe on the interactive floor of a pond with fishes and lotus or a thrilling Jungle at Night mockup to venture deep into the informational jungle of Jim Corbett National Park.

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4. Nature Trails

Our interaction with nature is now more immersive with our hidden trails that are open to explore on foot. Treading the route of history & wildlife, you are sure to gain a knowledgeable session with naturalists and and delectable tea and snacks at local kiosks. You can select your trails based on your interests, level of stamina and height of adventure at your own convenience. Making a trip through the farm to plate concept of Alaya, or the expert wildlife trails is bound to give you a wholesome Corbett experience and possibly a tryst with the carefree herbivores.

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5. Rural Kumaon Life

The frugal yet cheery life of Kyari village will tie you up when you experience the Kyari Thaat. From relishing Kumaoni cuisine, or indulging in the agricultural practices of the villagers who co-exist with the animistic belief, you can learn more than just the day to day life of Aamas and Dyajus of Kyari Kham. Learning therapeutic and sacred Aipan art and their style of festivities will leave you in awe of the brilliance of the vividness of authentic Kumaon culture.

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6. Bucket Load of Adventure Activities

Rope adventure park in fir tree forest. Scenic view. Summer outdoor sports and leisure activities

Satisfy your adrenalin needs by indulging in some additional adventure activities in and around Jim Corbett National Park. It is bound to stimulate the adventure enthusiast in you and quench your thirst for seeking rushed heartbeats. Choose from a variety of activities like Body Surfing, Bridge Slithering, Traversing, Rappelling, etc. and dive deeper in the pool of serotonin.

7. Indoor Activities

Our specially trained staff will make sure that your lounging time is not reserved to your rooms. We put efforts in creating bonding sessions through human library, musical chairs, naturalist programmes, and more, to ensure that your stay is destined to be a great one. Additionally, our in-house games like chess, carrom, table tennis, badminton, etc. is sure to indulge you and your travel buddies in a relaxed stay.

8. Musical Evenings

There is one thing that can drown the wildlife calls that you hear in the evenings, and that is our melodious evenings. Our new sound system and specially curated playlists is set to groove your tapping feet and add rhythm to your soul, while you enjoy scrumptious snacks with tea. During special occasions, we turn extra musical by curating Karaoke nights, Sufi nights, performances by local artists and bands for the bonus cultural tunes.

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